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Everybody would love a waterproof rug and here at Greenpro Rug Care, we offer excellent rug waterproofing services that will exceed your expectations. Not only will waterproofing your rug ensure that it won’t get wet anymore, but it will also help you avoid liquid stains in the future. We use a durable coating that ensures that water will float off your rug. Our team of experts has done this technique a thousand times and knows exactly how to waterproof your rug in no time!

At Greenpro Rug Care, we want your carpet to last for years to come! That is why it is important to take care of it and keep it in impeccable condition. Our team of experts provides quality deep rug washing services that will make your carpet look brand new and keep it looking brand new for a very long time. We use effective cleaning products that can wash away any stain without damaging the lifespan of your rug or the health of your family! From color removal to tough-to-remove stains, our deep washing solution can get the job done, time and time again!

In times like these, it is crucially important to deep clean your home and rugs on a regular basis. Here at Greenpro Rug Care, we are passionate about keeping you and your family safe through thorough sanitation. If you are looking for Covid Cleaning Services, you’ve found the right partners! We’ll make sure that all bacteria and viruses that are hidden in your rugs are gone quickly! With us, there is no more need to worry about harmful bacteria in your home.