Grout Cleaning Service in Austin

Grout Cleaning

We understand that grout cleaning by hand is necessary, but it’s also hard work. That’s why we offer a deep-clean grout service that produces stunning results. Sweeping or mopping will never reach the hidden dirt that lies in the natural pores of your tile and grout. Grout can collect dirt and become discolored. Our professional cleaning service uses a safe, effective cleaning method to remove hidden dirt and restore the tile’s natural beauty. To ensure the lasting beauty of your tile floor and preserve its look, we recommend our sealant service. For any of your grout cleaning needs, choose your cleaning professional, Personal Castles.

If you have dirty, leaking, or cracked grout, call Personal Castles for a quality solution. Most people don’t think about cleaning or maintaining their grout, but these services make a surprising difference. Grout can often crack, leak, or become discolored. We can take care of all these problems with quality sealants and color sealing products. We can work on the grout on your floors or walls in any room in the house. We can make sure our grout stays watertight, seamless, and perfectly colored to match your surfaces.

We service grout floors, entryways, and tabletops in both residential and vacant unit properties. For removing dirt and grime from the grout, a broom doesn’t cut it. Our staff can clean grout without using harsh chemicals or abrasives. We can also fix cracks or fill in divots.

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